Health Care

2017-2018 Legislative Objectives


AWB understands the challenges to lawmakers to redefine our health care system which continues to be one of the fastest rising cost to employers and their workforce. We acknowledge our health care system is in a constant state of flux as components of the Affordable Care Act are implemented and interpreted by stakeholders. We believe ensuring choice and health care options, safeguard affordability and cost containment while protecting the private sector delivery and purchasing systems are key components to a healthy, sustainable system. Washington is recognized as a leader in providing exceptional medical care and research, yet Washington is also noted as being a state with some of the highest costs for care. Washington’s employers, employees and taxpayers deserve a competitive, predictable, affordable health care system.


AWB supports legislation to:

  • Encourage research and development within the private sector for market-based solutions that increase alternative payment models to the traditional fee-for-service model of reimbursement, including outcome-based payment methods.

  • Retain, enhance and expand employer private market options such as Association Health Plans (AHPs) as a viable solution to fulfill and serve the health care insurance needs for employers and their workforce.

  • Ensure market rules do not exceed federal law and/or threaten the private health care market, hinder employers from providing coverage for their workforce or create barriers for health care purchasers to afford private health coverage.

  • Protect the contractual or market relationship between private businesses by opposing the expansion of government regulation, including mandates.

  • Ensure legislation that alters or expands our current health care system include elements establishing evaluation processes, accountability systems, and outcome benchmarks within our health care system.

  • Contest the creation of structural elements that increase dependence on state or federal government health care coverage, create duplicative services, or expand the role of government in the health care system.

  • Encourage innovative private market concept designs that strengthen our state health care system as a whole particularly for small businesses and rural areas.

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