Eco Chemical, Seattle: Taking Championship Paint into the End Zone

After working for years in the paint industry, Mark Cheirett left the business because he didn’t like what the toxic materials were doing to his health.

Years later, his business partner talked him in to returning to the industry, only this time Mark did it on his own terms: He went into the laboratory and invented a line of environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints.

Mark’s lab skills not only allowed him to return to work in his old industry — without compromising his health — but he also discovered it gave him several competitive advantages.

First, when Eco Chemical was founded in 1991, it brought to market one of the industry’s first water-based polyurethane coatings. The company also developed waterborne paints and stains for the industrial market, giving it obvious appeal to buyers interested in the environmental and health benefits of the new product.

But Mark and his wife Peg later discovered another big advantage: They could concentrate their product and package it in boxes, reducing the environmental footprint of shipping — and substantially reducing costs. As a result, Eco Chemical has received numerous environmental awards.

Environmental stewardship isn’t the company’s only claim to fame, though. After the hometown football team sought Mark’s help solving a problem, he and his Eco team invented and patented a solution: Eco Templine.

The problem that needed solving was how to mark a synthetic athletic field with paint that’s durable enough to stand up the demands of sport and bad weather, but can be quickly removed when it’s time to reconfigure the field for a different sport.

The solution, Eco Templine, is a system that includes Eco's innovative paint, a separate water-soluble solution to remove the paint, and custom equipment specifically designed to aid in the application of both products.

Eco Templine is now a hit with professional, collegiate and high school sports teams throughout the country, making life simpler — and greener — for anyone who manages a field that requires frequent and rapid marking changes.