2014 Greenbook

How green is the Evergreen State? According to national data compiled for our 2014 Competitiveness Greenbook, Washington is green indeed. From our transportation sector to our hydroelectric-charged power grid, Washington compares well with the rest of the nation and world.

In fact, information pulled from a variety of state and federal governmental and nonprofit sources shows that Washington is a leader in many key environmental categories.

A few notable facts from the new Greenbook:

  • Washington ranks second nationally in the generation of renewable electricity (table 20) and first in the nation in hydropower generation (table 21).
  • Washington residents commute more (table 15) and use less gasoline per capita (table 13) than people in most other states.
  • Washington generates 0.21 percent of the world's total carbon dioxide emissions. The rest of the world produces 99.79 percent.
  • Washington's share of global carbon emissions has dropped by a third since 1990.
Competitiveness matters, and as Washington looks toward new environmental initiatives in the future, the Greenbook helps illustrate how successful this state has already been.

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