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AWB Launches Brand Update, Unveils New Logo

The Association of Washington Business is proud to introduce its first major brand update in more than three decades.

As the state’s oldest and largest business association, AWB has always been the voice of employers, advocating on behalf businesses of all sizes and from all industries to promote a healthy economy. But AWB is increasingly being called upon to do more — to bring together diverse groups and find solutions to the issues facing Washington employers, their employees and communities.

The brand evolution began a few years ago and continues now with the launch of several new visual elements, including a new logo and a refreshed website.

“This is an exciting time at AWB,” said Kris Johnson, president and CEO. “Our core mission has always been to help employers grow, and that isn’t changing. But our members are driving us to find new ways to accomplish our goals.”

Living The Brand

AWB 2017 Printed Logo

The new logo — the first major logo redesign since 1986 — and other visual changes are evidence of changes that have been underway for some time, said Marty Dickinson, senior vice president at Umpqua Bank and chair of the committee that led AWB’s brand update.

“A brand is much more than a logo, and AWB’s brand has evolved considerably over the last few years” Dickinson said. “The new logo and the other visual changes are an acknowledgement of these changes and a signal to our members and others about where we are going.”

Old AWB Logo Prior To 2017
New AWB 2017 Logo

Design Elements

The Spokane firm Desautel Hege worked with AWB on this brand update, including the logo design. CEO Michelle Hege said the blue colors in the new design reflect AWB’s history while also moving the brand forward with a fresh feel.

Embroidered AWB 2017 Logo

“AWB is known by its letters so the new logo emphasizes them,” Hege said. “The typeface is clean and modern, and the addition of a new graphic element gives the logo a sense of movement, highlighting AWB’s mission to propel Washington’s economy.”

The four sections of the logo “bug” also reference the geographic reach of AWB, which represents the entire state, as well as diverse industry sectors. The shapes in the top right corner refer to the importance of the people that make up the community and diversity within AWB.

“AWB wants employers to succeed because we know that’s how employees, families and communities succeed,” Johnson said. “This new brand reflects our desire to see economic prosperity throughout all of Washington and it challenges us to unite diverse groups, work for solutions and build vibrant communities.”