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Monday, April 20

AWB Hires Dru Garson to Lead Grassroots Alliance Engagement

CEO of Greater Grays Harbor will serve as connection between AWB, 90 local chambers of commerce statewide

OLYMPIA — AWB has hired experienced business leader Dru Garson to lead engagement with the AWB Grassroots Alliance, a coalition of chambers of commerce throughout Washington.

The mission of the alliance is to provide a statewide voice for economic growth and community prosperity.

Garson is currently CEO of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., the regional chamber of commerce and economic development council in Aberdeen. He's been active in AWB's Rural Jobs initiative, the Washington Child Care Collaborative Task Force, and the AWB Institute, the nonprofit focused on solutions to some of the state's biggest challenges. In 2019 he received AWB's Advocate of the Year Award. AWB decided to hire Garson before the coronavirus situation unfolded in Washington. He will serve as director of strategic engagement at AWB.

"AWB is proud to have such a dedicated economic development leader on our team," AWB President Kris Johnson said. "Dru is committed to improving the quality of life in our state. His work is now more important than ever, as Washington employers face historic challenges caused by the coronavirus." In addition to his work with the Grassroots Alliance, Garson will provide staff support for the AWB Institute.

Garson and Greater Grays Harbor were among the first members of the Grassroots Alliance when it was established in 2014.

"I'm honored to join AWB and support the work to create positive economic conditions so all employers can thrive," Garson said. "The Grassroots Alliance is a tremendously positive force in our state, giving voice to chambers of commerce and their members in urban and rural communities."

The alliance shares information, technical support and training to support a unified voice for Washington employers. Visit for more information.

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