Year-End Tax & Investment Planning for Business Owners and Executives Workshop - Benton City

Friday, November 15
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Kiona Vineyards - 44612 N Sunset Rd Benton City, WA 99320 

Kristofer Gray, CFP® will review the landscape of options and tools available to minimize your tax burden and increase your personal wealth.  The following will be discussed in detail, along with a panel of professionals for specific Q&A.

  • ERISA Plans: Safe Harbor 401(k), Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, SEP, SIMPLE IRA
  • S-Corporation, LLC, C-Corporation elections
  • Asset Protection techniques for business owners
  • Opportunity Zones and Alternative Investments: private equity, real estate, private credit
  • Executive Compensation Plans: base level, performance based, retention based, firm based
  • Estate Tax Planning: GRAT, family LLC/LLP, special needs trusts
  • Understanding 1031 and 1035 exchanges: also, understanding ‘step-up’ and Roth features
  • Cash Flow: access to cash on a tax-free basis using loans
  • Donor Advised Funds: utilizing a tax tool in the sale of your business

Kristofer will describe how to develop a thoughtful process to address the main issues surrounding year-end tax and investment planning.  This process will maximize your personal wealth, minimize the tax burden of business ownership, and help you thoughtfully create a financial legacy for your family.

Expert and experienced panelists include:


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  • Non-member $25

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About Kiona Vineyards

A Farming Family

While we’ve been farming on Red Mountain, the mountain has been shaping us. For three generations we’ve called this dusty swath of sagebrush and sunshine home, and our unique approach helps ensure we’ll be here for generations to come. Our experience and longevity puts us in a position to supply and advise many regional wineries, as this mountain of ours continues to inspire the world.

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Where the heart is

Our vineyard Philosophy

We view Kiona as a lifestyle, not a money-making machine. We want Kiona Vineyards and Winery to be around in 100 years, which means making decisions with an eye towards longevity rather than short-term profits. Ultimately this allows us to focus on what matters to us: farming, family, and making amazing wine.

The Connection

Why ‘Estate-grown’ matters to us (and why it should to you, too)

Simply put, we own what we grow. There are no third party banks or outside investors influencing our decisions-we take ownership of our product from the first berry to the finished bottle. Kiona exists because we made it, meaning our wine carries a pure-bred pedigree that spans generations and speaks volumes.

Leaders in the region

When you’ve been around a long time you learn a few things.

Vineyard sourcing is perhaps the single most important decision that goes into building a quality wine, winery, brand, and reputation, and we’re honored and humbled that more than 60 of the best wineries in the Pacific Northwest buy their grapes from us. We relish the opportunity to share the best of Red Mountain with our peers in the industry and to provide our knowledge, follow-through, expertise, and service.

If you have a favorite bottle of Washington wine, check the label - it might just be grown by us.

- Kiona Vineyards