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Employment Law Webinar: Wage & Hours

Wednesday, March 8
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Wage & Hours:

This webinar is designed for CEOs, HR managers, payroll personnel, and other department managers who watch the bottom line and focus on compliance. This class will deliver information on the federal and state wage and hour laws and how to avoid related administrative and legal claims.

After listening to this session, employers should be able to:
  • Minimize the company’s most expensive “line item” – being an employer, and
  • Understand and implement state and federal wage laws.

Presented by: Mona McPhee

Mona McPhee is the Director of Litigation at Desh International and Business Law. Mona employs strategic decision making in high pressure situations with a focus on entrepreneurial solutions. She has litigated multi-jurisdiction employment cases including C-level non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, wrongful termination, and wage claims. Mona also handles appeals at the Ninth Circuit, Washington Supreme Court, and Washington Court of Appeals.

Early in her legal career, Mona clerked for Chief Justice Gerry L. Alexander of the Washington Supreme Court. She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and the University of Oregon, School of Law.