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Washington employers are creating jobs, increasing opportunity, and leading the nation in the protection of our environment.
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Spring Meeting 2016

Join us in Spokane for our Spring Meeting with keynote address from CNN commentators John Avlon and Margaret Hoover.
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A data-driven look at how Washington's economic health compares to the rest of the country.
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AWB represents nearly 8,000 private employers in Washington state.

Opportunity Washington

A roadmap for expanding Washington's culture of opportunity to individuals, families, employers and communities in every corner of the state.
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Grow Here: Schilling Cider

AWB is the voice of employers in every corner of Washington and every type of business. Our new #GrowHere campaign highlights the environmentally progressive businesses of Washington. Among them: Schilling Cider, a fast-growing Seattle company that is leading the way in carbon reduction. Not only does Schilling reduce its fuel use by sourcing its products locally, the company is the first in the region to reduce the weight and increase the recyclability of its cider package by switching aluminum cans. Learn more about how Washington employers are helping create a greener future for the Evergreen State here.


"Staying competitively priced when you're distributing around the country can be a challenge. If the cost of doing business increases, it affects our ability to grow and create jobs."

- Jean Thompson, CEO & Owner
Seattle Chocolates, Seattle