November 3, 2014
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Passages: State Rep. Roger Freeman of Federal Way dies at age 48

First-term Rep. Roger Freeman, a Federal Way Democrat popular with fellow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, died last week of colon cancer.

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Seattle is eighth in nation for cities adding jobs; Washington is ninth nationally

When it comes to adding jobs, Washington and the Seattle area rank in the top 10 nationally, according to a new study.

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Sound Transit floats $15 billion tax package for expanded commuter rail

A $15 billion "Sound Transit 3" package to pay for increased commuter rail could add a new property tax, higher sales taxes, car-tab taxes, and more. The measure could be on the 2016 ballot.

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Attorney General seeking limits on lobbying by former staffers after critical New York Times story

In light of a New York Times investigation of attorneys general around the nation -- including Washington's current and former AGs -- our state's top attorney is looking at tighter rules against lobbying by former employees.

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China will again buy Washington's Red and Golden Delicious apples

After a two-year hiatus, China is opening its doors again to Washington-grown Red and Golden Delicious apples.

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Shells in Bertha pit are from settlers, not tribes

The clump of shucked oyster shells discovered in the pit being dug to repair Seattle's deep-bore tunnel machine, nicknamed Bertha, are from settlers, not Native Americans. That means digging could resume in days, not weeks or months.

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Debate climate policies without undue influence from people like Tom Steyer

By Sam Reed, former Washington secretary of state

Some might wonder why there is such a fuss about Tom Steyer, the San Francisco hedge-fund billionaire who has spent $1.4 million this election season in an attempt to change control of the Washington state Senate. This isn't the first time we’ve seen out-of-state interests spending heavily to influence the outcome of elections in this state.

But what's at stake is more than just an election. Steyer's spending calls attention to a thorough political effort to promote climate-change policies in this state, which, if not implemented wisely, have the potential to wreak havoc on the Washington economy.

These policies could have a devastating impact on every citizen of Washington, in the form of higher fuel prices, higher electricity rates, job loss and other effects..
Click here for the full editorial by Sam Reed in The Seattle Times
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