November 3, 2014
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Have you voted? Make your voice heard in this crucial election

Next year, the Legislature will spend billions of dollars and consider raising business taxes. Tomorrow is the deadline to return ballots in the election that decides who controls the levers of government in Olympia. Take time now to send in your ballot. Read more »

Manufacturing Summit points to a prosperous made-in-America future

The 2014 AWB Manufacturing Summit brought together the state's top industry leaders, owners of innovative smaller firms, dozens of community college representatives and many others for a day of productive, proactive talk about how to continue and expand Washington's manufacturing renaissance. Read more »

Awards honor innovations of Washington's top manufacturers

The 2014 AWB Manufacturing Excellence Awards went to five companies that are leading the way on more efficient, effective and innovative ways to create value and valuable products used worldwide.

Read more »

AWB Institute unveils manufacturing image campaign: 'It pays to build great things'

Washington's manufacturers pay average wages of more than $82,000 a year, yet the pipeline of young talent isn't nearly full enough. The AWB Institute is beginning a new image campaign to help tell the story of the great jobs open in Washington's manufacturing sector.
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Debate climate policies without undue influence from people like Tom Steyer

By Sam Reed, former Washington secretary of state

Some might wonder why there is such a fuss about Tom Steyer, the San Francisco hedge-fund billionaire who has spent $1.4 million this election season in an attempt to change control of the Washington state Senate. This isn't the first time we’ve seen out-of-state interests spending heavily to influence the outcome of elections in this state.

But what's at stake is more than just an election. Steyer's spending calls attention to a thorough political effort to promote climate-change policies in this state, which, if not implemented wisely, have the potential to wreak havoc on the Washington economy.

These policies could have a devastating impact on every citizen of Washington, in the form of higher fuel prices, higher electricity rates, job loss and other effects..
Click here for the full editorial by Sam Reed in The Seattle Times
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