October 20, 2014
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Election begins as ballots mailed out across the state -- remember to vote!

This election will determine the balance of the Legislature in advance of what will likely be one of the biggest -- and most contentious -- legislative sessions in decades.    Read more »

California billionaire Tom Steyer adds another $250,000 to push for Democratic control in Olympia

Climate change activist and California hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer has poured another quarter of a million dollars into his PAC devoted to tipping control of the Washington Legislature to Democrats.
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Raises, health care costs in proposed state employee contract pegged at $583 million

The price tag is in for proposed state employee labor contracts. Giving raises while keeping the employee share of health care premiums unchanged would cost the state more than half a billion dollars.
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I-1351 leads in the polls despite concerns about $5 billion cost and limited effectiveness

The simplicity of Initiative 1351 -- reduce class sizes without worrying how to pay for it -- is giving the measure a lead in the polls. A closer examination, however, leads elected officials and observers on all sides of the political spectrum to oppose this $5 billion unfunded mandate.
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Lawmakers introduce House's first bipartisan bill for long-term renewal of Ex-Im Bank

A bipartisan pair of senior U.S. House members introduced a bill last week that would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank for another five years.

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Northwest must preserve salmon and hydro dams

By Terry Flores, executive director of Northwest RiverPartners

Last month at Bonneville Dam, an extraordinary coalition of Northwest tribes, government agencies and river users -- including farmers, businesses and utilities -- gathered to celebrate a landmark event for our region's iconic salmon.

This year's return of about 2.3 million salmon and steelhead to the Columbia River Basin shattered the modern-day record for total annual salmon returns -- an abundance we haven't seen since fish counting began at the dam more than 75 years ago.
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