January 8, 2018
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AWB creating Telcom Task Force to focus on rural broadband and other telecommunications

One of the common refrains at AWB's two Rural Jobs Summits last year was the need for rural broadband. The issue of high-speed internet access is important to the business community in urban areas as well as rural. To focus on these issues, AWB is creating a Telecom Task Force, and is looking for members to be part of the new committee.

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Keith Wagoner, Sedro-Woolley mayor, appointed to state Senate, replacing former Sen. Kirk Pearson

County officials in the 39th Legislative District have chosen Sedro-Woolley Mayor Keith Wagoner to serve as a state senator for the rest of the year, replacing Sen. Kirk Pearson, R-Monroe.

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Susan Hutchison retiring from leadership of state Republican Party

The chair of the Washington State Republican Party, Susan Hutchison, has announced that she is stepping down from the post she has held since 2013.

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Don't Spend Rainy Day Fund

Washington's debt level a cause for concern

By The Editorial Board of The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

... Washington state Treasurer Duane Davidson has urged lawmakers and the governor to keep their hands off the state's rainy-day fund, noting that we are in an economic expansion, which is the time to be saving, not borrowing.

With that, we heartily agree.

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Fiscal Restraint

Our Voice: It's not raining hard enough to dip into state reserves

By The Editorial Board of The Tri-City Herald

The state's rainy-day fund is supposed to grow when times are good so there is money available when times are tough.

A simple enough plan to understand, yet apparently difficult for some lawmakers to follow.

Gov. Jay Inslee's budget includes taking money from the state's emergency reserves to help pay for teacher salaries in the 2018-19 school year, but we think this would be a mistake.

The legislative session begins Monday, and we advise the Legislature to find some other way to meet its obligation to public education without "borrowing" from reserves...

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