November 3, 2014
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Awards honor innovations of Washington's top manufacturers

AWB honored Cadet Manufacturing of Vancouver as the 2014 Washington Manufacturer of the Year during an award presentation last week at the ShoWare Center in Kent. Cadet, a family-owned manufacturer of heaters and thermostats, earned the award for generating jobs, streamlining operational practices, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing waste.

The 2014 Innovation Award went to TigerStop LLC, also of Vancouver, for its popular line of high-tech automated tape measures, lineal cutting machinery and stop/gauge pusher systems.

Ozone International of Bainbridge Island earned the Operational Excellence Award for deeply integrating lean manufacturing processes into its operations. The company cut production time, improved safety and reduced costs, all while increasing capacity by 80 percent.

Two companies received the Green Manufacturing Award. Emerald Services of Tacoma is a national leader in recycling and repurposing industrial fluids, turning potentially problematic materials into valuable products. Manhasset Specialty Company became the first company in the Pacific Northwest to install a major new clean-technology innovation that entirely eliminated the generation of chemical waste in its powder coating preparation process.

Take a look inside these remarkable companies with AWB's award videos, or read more about the awards here. The Columbian and Vancouver Business Journal also covered the awards.

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Debate climate policies without undue influence from people like Tom Steyer

By Sam Reed, former Washington secretary of state

Some might wonder why there is such a fuss about Tom Steyer, the San Francisco hedge-fund billionaire who has spent $1.4 million this election season in an attempt to change control of the Washington state Senate. This isn't the first time we’ve seen out-of-state interests spending heavily to influence the outcome of elections in this state.

But what's at stake is more than just an election. Steyer's spending calls attention to a thorough political effort to promote climate-change policies in this state, which, if not implemented wisely, have the potential to wreak havoc on the Washington economy.

These policies could have a devastating impact on every citizen of Washington, in the form of higher fuel prices, higher electricity rates, job loss and other effects..
Click here for the full editorial by Sam Reed in The Seattle Times
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