January 22, 2018
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SB 6203: Carbon tax

On Tuesday, AWB and employers from diverse industry sectors testified against SB 6203, Gov. Jay Inslee's proposed carbon tax. AWB's testimony by Government Affairs Director Mary Catherine McAleer is available on TVW.

AWB will continue to evaluate the bill in light of AWB's recently-adopted Legislative Objective, McAleer said. At this time, the association is focusing on administrative efficiency, business certainty, reducing duplicative regulation, and repealing the Clean Air Rule.

The same day as testimony on the governor's carbon tax, AWB hosted a carbon-related panel at the annual Legislative Day and Hill Climb. The panel featured Reps. Joe Fitzgibbon, D-Burien; Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis; Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale; and, Reed Schuler, staff to Gov. Inslee.

"The session was an active exchange of ideas and data related to energy investment and carbon pricing, and we’re so grateful that these public officials made time to share their ideas with us amidst the demands of session," McAleer said.

Contact Mary Catherine McAleer to learn more about AWB's work on environmental and climate issues.

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Key Workforce Education

Help community colleges meet job training needs

By The Editorial Board of The (Everett) Herald

The state's 34 community and technical colleges are playing an indispensable role in educating and preparing students for further study and advanced degrees at universities but also for more immediate jobs with employers throughout the state, particularly in manufacturing and other trades.

With some 740,000 job openings in the state expected over the next five years -- and more than half of those requiring post-high school education and training -- community and technical colleges represent the best option for many of those students...

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