November 13, 2017
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Reports laud Boeing for LGBTQ workplace inclusion and for support of veterans

Boeing was recognized last week by two different organizations for its work on workforce diversity and inclusion.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation gave Boeing a 100 percent score on its Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for advancing vital policies and practices to protect LGBTQ workers around the world.

"The top-scoring companies on this year’s CEI are not only establishing policies that affirm and include employees here in the United States, they are applying these policies to their operations around the globe and impacting millions of people beyond our shores," said HRC President Chad Griffin.

Also last week, listed Boeing as one of the top 10 employers in the nation for veterans. A full 15 percent of Boeing's workforce is composed of veterans this year, and the company retained 92 percent of the veterans it hired 2016.

"Our annual list of Best Companies for Veterans celebrates companies that are serious about hiring the brave individuals who have served our country," says Jodi Hon, general manager of enterprise business at Monster. "We're gratified to see a continued commitment to veteran hiring across numerous industries. This year's list shows increased acknowledgement that veterans' experiences and skills are relevant beyond traditional industries like defense and aerospace, and also desired in transportation logistics, technology, financial services and more."

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Rural Jobs Summit

Why Rural Economic Development Is Top of Mind in Washington State and Elsewhere

By Joshua Wright

Rural economic development is a thorny, multi-layered topic with many challenges and few obvious answers. But the summit -- hosted in Moses Lake by the Association of Washington Businesses -- was encouraging, not just because it focused on solutions for small towns and regions but also because so many people attended the event.

Sweeney himself said it speaks well for Washington that 250 decision-makers from every part of the state came together to talk rural jobs and economies.

"We put our focus on where the need is, and the need is the biggest in rural communities," said Brian Bonlender, director of the Washington Department of Commerce.

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Quality Health Insurance

Association Health Plans offer model for the nation

By AWB President Kris Johnson

Since they were created, Association Health Plans (AHP) have grown in popularity, insuring as many as 400,000 people at their peak. Many of those people were not previously insured. For AWB's plan, approximately 40 percent of employers did not have prior coverage. It's clear that AHPs expand health care access and choices for small employers, their employees and families.

What's more, employers that start with an AHP tend to renew. Historically, as many as 90 percent renew coverage year after year...

Washington's AHPs offer high-quality health insurance plans with consumer protections like guaranteed issue (nobody can be denied coverage) and renewal built in. They are fully insured and comply with all state and federal mandates, including those contained in the Affordable Care Act such as dependent coverage up to age 26, lab and X-ray, preventative care and mental health services.

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