September 15, 2014
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Supreme Court holds Legislature in contempt over pace of McCleary compliance

The Supreme Court made history last week by holding the state Legislature in contempt of court, saying lawmakers had not done enough to boost education spending in response to the state's 2012 McCleary ruling.

The unanimous order released last week said the state "is engaged in an ongoing violation of its constitutional duty to K-12 children" and it "has known for decades that its funding of public education is constitutionally inadequate," The Seattle Times reports. The contempt declaration puts more pressure to lawmakers to add billions of dollars to funding for K-12 education in the upcoming biennium. The cost of fully complying with McCleary has been estimated at $3.5 billion to $7 billion per year-year budget period. The money is needed to fund education reforms already approved by the Legislature, such as expanding all-day kindergarten and reducing class sizes for students in kindergarten through third grade, The Olympian reports.

The nine justices did not add penalties, but their order said they might swiftly punish lawmakers if there is no firm plan in place by the end of the next session to fully fund education by the court's 2018 deadline.

The court could invalidate the state's entire budget, toss out all existing tax incentives, or force the sale of state property to free up money for schools, Crosscut reports.

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Former Dick's Drive-In worker, then and now

By Melanie Wood, former Dick's crew member who went on to work at Verizon Wireless, Hewlett-Packard, Micro K12 and Microsoft

I have always admired Dick's Drive-In for strong involvement with the United Way, the scholarship program, celebrating with high school and college grads, and all that is achieved in the community.

High standards of integrity and strong work-ethic were my greatest takeaways from my time with the Drive-In, but it was also my first exposure to being part of team, as well as seeing what happens when an organization keeps focus on these community objectives.

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