August 22, 2016
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Elway poll finds voters split on initiatives, supportive of Inslee, Clinton

Voters are opposing the carbon tax initiative but supporting a $13.50 statewide minimum wage, according to a new poll by Stuart Elway.

I-1433, which raises the statewide minimum wage and requires paid safe and sick leave, has the support of 57 percent, while 31 percent are opposed and 12 percent are undecided.

I-732, the energy tax, had 34 percent support, 37 percent opposition and 30 percent undecided.

I-1464, which would eliminate sales tax exemptions for out-of-state buyers to pay for a publicly-financed campaign system had 34 percent yet, 23 percent no and 43 percent undecided.

When it comes to the races on the top of the ticket, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Jay Inslee are leading among voters, according to the Elway Research poll. Clinton leads 45 percent to 24 percent for Republican Donald Trump, with Libertarian Gary Johnson polling at 7 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 4 percent. Sixteen percent of voters are undecided and 6 percent are leaning toward not voting in the race at all.

Inslee has 48 percent support from voters, with 36 percent for Republican Bill Bryant.

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Larsen for Supreme Court

The Times recommends Dave Larson for state Supreme Court Position 6

By The Seattle Times Editorial Board

Voters should welcome the chance to add new voices to the court and elect Dave Larson over incumbent state Supreme Court Justice Charlie Wiggins.

Larson has the trial, bench and civic experience to be a strong justice. He is the presiding judge of Federal Way Municipal Court -- comparable experience to Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, who was a Seattle Municipal Court judge when she ran for Supreme Court.

As a judge, he has adjudicated thousands of cases since his appointment to the bench in 2008, pushed for innovative reforms and has earned deep community respect...

Larson presents a strong, credible challenge to a court that has at times veered off course. He deserves a six-year term to the state Supreme Court.
Click here to read the full editorial in The Seattle Times
Training the Next Generation

PNNL gives students hands-on experience

By Dr. Steven Ashby, director of PNNL

Many of us remember writing that dreaded essay about how we spent our summer vacation — often struggling to recall what we did or make it sound interesting.

That won't be a problem for the almost 800 students at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory this summer. They will have challenging and rewarding experiences to share with friends and families.

Take Isis Carrillo, for example, a University of Washington student planning to study molecular and cellular biology. She is working alongside PNNL mentors in instrument development and microfabrication laboratories, gaining useful skills and invaluable experience...
Click here to read the full column in The Tri-City Herald
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