December 21, 2015
2015 Year in Review

Opportunity Washington Launched to Highlight What it Takes to Create Statewide Shared Prosperity

Alaska Air CEO Brad Tilden helped launch Opportunity Washington: Priorities for Shared Prosperity during the 2015 AWB Legislative Summit, telling audience members the ambitious new endeavor “is a great opportunity for business and legislative leaders to come together to discuss and tackle our greatest challenges.”

Opportunity Washington is a group effort that began with the members of WashACE — AWB, the Washington Roundtable, the Washington Research Council and Enterprise Washington — and now has the support of more than a dozen (and counting) partner groups.

It’s built on the premise that while some parts of Washington are recovering from the recession, the recovery is not even. Parts of the state, particularly rural counties, are still struggling with high unemployment.

Opportunity Washington believes that by focusing on three guiding priorities, employers and lawmakers can expand Washington’s culture of opportunity everyone, in all corners of the state.

The guiding priorities are:

  • Achieve: Provide a high-caliber education and workforce development system geared to the demands of the 21st century.
  • Connect: Create an efficient, multimodal transportation system that links Washington’s communities to each other and the world.
  • Employ: Pursue policies that encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation.

The effort drew early praise from The Herald of Everett, which published an editorial calling Opportunity Washington’s report “recommended reading.”

Opportunity Washington released its first-ever quarterly Opportunity Score this fall, grading Washington on the three metrics of Achieve, Connect and Employ. The results, compared to other states, revealed Washington falls squarely in the middle of the pack, basically a grade of “C.” The AWB blog has a breakdown. The next edition of the Opportunity Score will be released early next year and will focus on “Achieve.”

Learn more about Opportunity Washington, and sign up to join the effort, at And follow it Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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